Simulation Unit

Qassim College of Medicine is the first college of Medicine in KSA  that established a clinical skills lab,  since 2001,  and it is the first college to adopt teaching clinical skills to medical students from the very beginning (year 1) in the preclinical phase,  to year 6. Moreover, we have helped and participated in some way with most of other colleges of Medicine in the Kingdom to establish their skill labs.

Our Simulation laboratory aims to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for medical and other health care students which is supportive, student centered and complimentary to hospital and community based clinical education.

Our Simulation laboratory adopts innovative method of teaching clinical skills in Qassim College of medicine which ensures integration of the basic and clinical sciences especially in the pre-clinical phase.

 Our plan is to equip the Simulation unit with the latest technologies that will provide our students with hands on experience they need before encountering the patient. In our new building of Qassim College of Medicine, there will be a big one full floor which will be the simulation center.

Mission of the simulation unit:

The Clinical Simulation unit (CSU) is dedicated to perfecting health care delivery by using simulation to improve clinical skills and enhance patient safety .through providing a setting in which students/trainees can gain competence and confidence in technical clinical skills in various procedures in a safe and realistic environment based on established knowledge, patient safety, evidence-based practice and professionalism.

Vision of the simulation unit:

 To be the most advanced and recognized simulation center reference icon in KSA and Middle East, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of curricula that use simulation in teaching and assessment.



General objectives of the simulation unit;

  • The student is introduced at an early stage to a core of clinical skills with emphasis on the communicational and attitudinal dimensions
  • Emphasis on learning skills in a controlled, standardized and relaxed environment.
  • Three domains are covered:
    • Communicational skills, medical interviewing skills and physical examination.
    • Applied basic medical sciences.
    • Medical procedures e.g., injections, suturing, and BLS…etc

Objectives of Clinical Skills teaching in PCP in the PBL system:

  1. Clinical application of basic sciences
  2. Helping students to integrate basic and clinical sciences for better understanding of both
  3. Answering the clinical questions raised during studying of the problems (PBL)
  4. To help PCP students acquiring the basic skills and attitude needed for proper dealing with patients during the clinical phase
  5. Helping students acquiring effective doctor- patient communication skills
  6. Improvement of professional skills of medical graduates



Head of the Unit;

Dr Attia M. Jabr

Coordinator of female section:

Dr Habiba Kamal

Contact information

Head of the unit


Coordinator of female section


Phone number of the secretary:

+966163800050  Ext. 2332