learning resources unit

Our College learning resources unit provides a range of learning resources in locations throughout the College, the purpose of which is to make learning and teaching stimulating, motivating and effective. This will contribute to successful learning and teaching. This includes the various learning environments within the College as such:

1)      Libraries and resource centers

2)      Reading rooms

3)      Information and communications technology  hardware, software, systems and infrastructure

4)      Internet connectivity and access

5)      Media in a variety of formats

6)      Classroom-based learning resources and facilities

7)      Distance learning facilities including e-learning resources

8)      Learning materials (in paper or electronic formats)


If you need any support or have a book request or a learning resource you can contact the learning resources unit responsible staff in the Qassim College of Medicine.

Email : lru@qumed.edu.sa

Male side: Dr. Elsayed Abdelhady Elmorsy

Office number: 3008

Office hours:

Sunday: 1-3 pm

Tuesday: 8-10 am

Phone extension: 2154

Reading room number: 3005


Female side: Dr. Eman AbdalGany

Office number: 24/2/219

Office hours:

Monday:       10-12 am

Wednesday: 10-12 am

Phone extension:  6169

Reading room number: 21/2/42

Reading Room phone Extension Number is 6098