Alumni and professional development unit





Raising the efficiency of Qassim University, College of Medicine outcomes to ensure a special and competitor graduate in various social areas and health disciplines.


Graduate and professional development unit seeks to prepare and qualify the graduate and student of College of Medicine, Qassim University with their access to higher stages of development and creativity through revising and fulfilling their professional and personal needs in line with the requirements of the time and striving for performance development at education, research and functionality.


  • To build and maintain communication channels to communicate and strengthen the link and the relationship between the graduates and the university.
  • To consider and reinforce ways and means of cooperation between the college and the graduates at educational and research levels, and to benefit from their experiences in the development of the college and its educational programs.
  • To provide all possible services for the graduates with high quality in line with the college mission.
  • To provide an opportunity for scientific and research cooperation between the graduates and their colleagues.
  • To prepare programs and courses for the graduates and college students to develop their personal skills and preparing them for the job market.
  • The unit is a link between the graduates and the College, and a career reference for development and all future professional counselling.
  • To Inform graduates on all college news and updates and provides them with conferences, symposia and workshops.
  • To facilitate the documentation procedures and the adoption of graduates’ certificates for submission to the fellowship programs outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • To establish of an annual meeting of graduates, students and the college staff members.