Video solutions

1. The college has established a media production unit where clinical tutorials, skills training and key lectures is recorded, archived and made available to the students in college media library. Some of the key lectures are available now and many recordings are scheduled in the near future.

  • The whole media library is streamed in through college website. The multimedia is available on demand for students, so they can download lectures and skills videos when ever needed. Currently a set of examination videos are available for download and streaming.



2. Our clinical examination videos are available through ITunes library, so students can subscribe to them.
3. Digital library: clinical videos and other educational videos are available at the college and we are in the process of delivering this content through DVDs, digital copies, and a local wireless server besides internet delivery.
4. With collaboration with Wisconsin University (USA), Virginia (USA), and other universities we had complete sets of examination and skills videos to help students study skills at times while this is unavailable.
5. The lecture and seminars archive is on this page seminars
6. Another website for staff development and learning http://video.qumed. org/staff
7. These videos are also available on CD and DVD format and available for staff and students.


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