Mobile learning

Students are already coming to school with portable computers and devices such as an iPhone and iPod in hand. So they’re used to gathering information on the web, getting their email, watching lectures, getting directions, or pinpointing exactly where their friends are — anytime and anywhere.

Now they can learn anytime and anywhere, too. As educators all over the world are discovering, mobile learning works. Students devour engaging, customized curricula when it’s delivered on the iPod or iPhone. It’s a familiar and essential part of their lives. Audio and video podcasts let students study at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.

the college has launched its mobile learning website, to allow students to access their information wherever they are. The mobile learning in Qassim College of Medicine is a pioneering project that has just been launched and will show more innovations by time

website in mobilemob

The first mobile learning site in a college in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the first around the world, we are excited to begin such a pioneering project in KSA and are looking for horizons of development

if you have a mobile phone with internet access you can access the mobile e-elarning(mlearning) site by going to