Learning management system

LMS is a high-level, strategic solution for planning, delivering, and managing most learning events within an organization, including online, virtual classroom, and instructor-led courses. The focus of an LMS is to manage learners, keeping track of their progress and performance across all types of training activities. It performs heavy-duty administrative tasks, such as reporting to instructors, HR and other ERP systems but isn’t generally used to create course content.
LMSs are web-based to facilitate “anytime, anyplace, any pace” access to learning content and administration. They are often viewed as being the central point (or critical component) of any e-learning or blended learning program.

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All courses use online learning in day to day activities and management of educational activities; like Schedules, announces, feedbacks, surveys, communications and learning materials. Courses also included formative exams, forums, assignments, polls, video streaming, audio streaming, glossaries, and chats and exams.
The learning management system in our College is pioneering the use of LMS in medical eduation and helped other adopt similar approaches.

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