The E-learning unit as a project started in late 2007; the first phase was about research studies, workshops, surveys and meetings with staff and students. It also included training new technologies, contacting companies, getting hands on projects in test. Which helped to make sound judgment of the potential cost-effectiveness, benefit and feasibility.


Then was the initial launch of the unit with leaning management system and digital exams, using both exam software and exam center.
In may 2008 the unit was officially inaugurated. At this time – although short- we had the Elearning management system with more than 400 users, twenty four courses among them more than 10 were highly active. The surveying system was running and managing feed backs in the college. The college email was the most used tools in communications with paper declining to less than 10%. The digital library had the basic set of clinical examination multimedia and clinical skill examination videos. What was really encouraging was the favorable response from the students who received the unit with much appreciation.
In 2009 the unit was more evolving to cover all aspects of teaching in the college, courses became 75 courses, teachers registered were 117, and students 615. the e-learning became main stream in the college and visiting the website became a usual student and teachers activity.