Community service unit


To work with our community to help make our people healthier and safer through education، health services، research and community outreach.


Promotion of health services provided to the community through participation of faculties in provision of activities in the areas of diagnosis of community health problems, health education, medical training, and treatment, and partnership with community organizations with periodic feedback from the stakeholders in order to target the needs of society.


  • Establish channels of collaboration with the community organizations governmental and non-governmental
  • Plan and conduct needs assessment surveys.
  • Design and conduct health education campaigns.
  • Provide scientific training sessions to meet the needs of society.
  • Provide counselling and therapeutic medical services.
  • Establish online websites to implement community service activities.
  • Provide health services to the groups with special needs.
  • Organize national and international conferences reflect community health topics.
  • Monitor and document and publish community service activities.
  • Motivate and assess the participation of faculty in community service activities.
  • Take and evaluate feedback from the stakeholders.