Assessment Unit

Assessment is a vital part of the education process. In Medical education, it has a crucial role. Through assessment, graduates of medical schools can be safely released to community to take care of people’s life. A strong focus on assessment preparation and implementation is highly recommended. From this notion, Assessment Unit had been established. Its main aim is to review of assessment process of the College, monitoring of student achievement towards fulfillment of the program learning outcomes, and development of appropriate assessment policy to ensure fairness and validity of the assessment process. The Unit is expected to tackle pitfalls in the process of student assessment and suggests appropriate solutions; this may include addition, deletion or modification of some assessment modalities.


Ensuring provision of fair and appropriate assessment that enhances achieving the intended Learning outcomes of the program. 


The Unit is under Deanship for Academic Affairs, chaired by the Head of Medical Education Department and contains the following committees:

  • Student Assessment Committee: Ensure validity and reliability of summative assessment for testing achievement of the intended learning outcomes. Through the Formative Assessment Sub-Committee, it supervises provision of different formative assessment modalities that promote learning and serve to enhance the depth of understanding of students' knowledge through providing assessment for learning modules. This sub-committee also acts to ensure coverage of areas at which student achievement was suboptimum
  • Central Exam Committee: Care for the logistics of the examination process and secure keeping of exam papers
  • Question Bank Committee: Builds up a systematized archive of high quality exam questions to be re-used on need 


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