Students Corner

Students should:

  • Visit their Academic Adviser in a regular bases. They should visit the academic adviser at least two times per term.
  • Know the college regulations regarding academic subject’s registration also guidelines of excuses, rules governing attendance and absence and the rules of examinations.
  • Do all the academic procedures (such as registration, deletions and additions, withdrawing and submission of excuses) with assistance and directions of his/her academic adviser and get official forms for those procedures from the Student Affairs.
  • Take his academic advisory booklet and an updated version of the academic record when visiting the academic adviser.
  • Ensure that the academic adviser signed the academic procedures forms and the booklet after each visit. 
  • Inform the Academic Guidance Coordinator or the Head of the Academic Support and Guidance Unit when he/she feels that his/her academic adviser is unable to provide appropriate assistance.
  • Bears full responsibility in the event of non-compliance with academic periodic follow-up visits.