Academic Guidance Overview


Academic Guidance is  an essential pillar of university education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where regulations of Higher Education and the University of Qassim allocates an academic adviser for each student to assist him/her in matters related to the university regulations and his/her academic courses such as registration of the subjects. It is the student responsibility to know and follow the studying system and regulations including graduation requirements. The academic guidance aims to guide students to get the best academic results and smooth adaptation to the university environment and gain the opportunities available to them in the college and the university. The student during the visits should also discuss their future career plans with their academic adviser.

As the College of Medicine at the University of Qassim is interested on improving the educational environment and supporting the college students it allocated a college academic adviser / guide for each group of (7-9) students to provide advice and needed assistance during the years of his/her study in the college. The college also formed an Academic Support and Guidance unit that supervise the activity of the academic guidance and provides support to the advisers’ efforts in supporting the students.

Students should not hesitate to inform their academic adviser about any academic or non-academic obstacles facing them. The advisers should provide necessary assistance for students to overcome those obstacles. Each student can communicate when necessary with the students’ academic guidance coordinator in both male and female sides and the head of the Academic Support and Guidance Unit through the following means of communication:

The Head of Academic Support and Guidance Unit:

Academic Guidance Coordinator- Male side:

Academic Guidance Coordinator- Female side: