How to login

Progress test results from Qassim College of Medicine on Vimeo.


Please add the University Code to your university ID, this will be your username For example: 
if your university ID is  83457734  and the university code is  abcd  then username  abcd83457734
The password is username + the three number code,  If the code for example is 769 then Password will be  abcd83457734769

In case you receive a wrong password warning, Please try to add the word non instead of your code,
so in the previous example it will be qsim8724234non

University Code
AlFaisal fais
Unaiza ucmp
Pr. Salman pslm
Qassim qsim
Rajhi srmc
Taiba teba
Taif taif
Pr. Nourah pnum
Majmaa majm
King Saoud ksud
Baha baha

In case of any problems, Please contact your progress test organizer