Department of Orthopedics And Traumatology

Orthopedics And Traumatology Department:
A) The Department Staff:
1. Dr. Mansour Almuhaimeed, Associate Prof. of Ophthalmology, Head of Department.
2. Prof. Adel Morshedy, Prof. Orthopedics, Course Organizer.
3. Dr. Yasin Malik, Assistant Prof. Orthopedics.
4. Dr. Ali Dhaferri, Assistant Prof. Orthopedics.
B) Educational activities:
The department runs the following activities:
1. Undergraduate course for 4th year medical students as a part in MBBCh program of the college. This is run twice a year for both Male and Female students. It aims at building Knowledge, skills and proper attitude in Orthopedic Practice. It includes self learning activities as an integral part of the curriculum.
2. Share in educational activities of Emergency Curriculum.
3. Share in educational activities of First year Musculo-Skeletal block by giving basic Orthopedic skills and share in evaluation
4. Share in educational activities of Nursing College.
5. Previous share in educational activities of Orthopedic Department, Algouf Faculty of Medicine.
6. Previous share in educational activities of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation College .
7. Active share in Conference activities and annual meetings of Orthopedic Departments in King Fahd Specialist Hospital and Burayda Central Hospital by instructional lectures.
C) Service Activities:
Running 2 Out-Clinics per week for Orthopedic service in the University Clinics.