Department of Medical Education

To provide cutting-edge medical education support for the design, development, and implementation of innovative curricula designed to advance a passion for scientific inquiry, critical thinking and comprehensive clinical expertise, and leads to excellence in the practice of a set of personal and professional attitudes, which enable competent, responsible and lifelong performance as a physician.


Curriculum oversight

1- Promote an optimal educational environment within the College
2- Matching the core curriculum with the College General Objectives and graduate competencies.
3- Assurance of alignment of intended learning objectives (ILOs), instruction and assessment plans
4- Providing appropriate feedback and recommendations for continuous improvement and upgrading of the curriculum.
5- Provides a forum to compare curriculums amongst other medical schools and stay abreast of the ever-changing needs of medical education.
6- Suggesting new approaches to teaching, assessment and curriculum planning.
7- Evaluation and suggesting reform of the curriculum based on research in medical education
Suggestions and recommendations of the department should be raised to the concerned authorities in the College.

➢ Fostering Research and innovation in medical education

1- Encouraging staff and students to conduct researches in medical education
2- Providing area advice, consultation, identify the area of concern in medical education to direct research of interest for the college
3- Undertake research which promotes quality in Medical Education and aligns with the College strategic research objective
4- Providing scientific materials in medical education
5- Arranging for workshops and training courses in medical education research in collaboration with the Faculty Development Unit.

➢ Service provision and facilitation

1- Supervise the services provided by the following units and raising suggestions and recommendations to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs:
 Simulation Unit
 E-Learning Unit
 Learning resources Unit
2- Supervise the conduction of courses related to medical education in the University.
3- Conduct postgraduate studies in health profession education.
4- Designing and conduction of workshops and training courses in areas related to medical education as arranged by the Faculty Development Unit.
5- Provide advice/ consultation for different bodies within the College on subjects related to medical education upon request.

Organizational chart for Department


● Head of the department:
Dr Saleh Ali Alrebish
PhD in Medical Education
Asst. Professor of Medical Education
Tel: +966163800050 ext. 2848
Fax: +966163801574


• Simulation Unit
• E-Learning Unit
• Learning resources Unit
• Assessment Unit

Contact information

Department’s secretary Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Awad; Tel: +966163800050 Ext 2853, email: