Dean's Message


Established in 2000-2001, Qassim University College of Medicine (QUCOM) has become, in a period of just 14 years, a leading institution of medical education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) as well as the Gulf region. This remarkable achievement has been made possible by QUCOM’s deep and genuine commitment to fostering knowledge, humane healing and a healthy community through innovative modern medical education and state of the art facilities.


QUCOM holds the distinction of being the first medical college in KSA to adopt the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and thus integrate the basic and clinical sciences.  It was also the first in the kingdom to introduce a Progress Test for student assessment and due to a desire for participation by multiple medical colleges, QUCOM now organizes the test at the national level. The college also pioneered the use of modern educational technologies such as e-learning and patient simulations.The college takes pride in attracting and nurturing the best and the brightest to learn the science of medicine and the art of compassionate care.  

Our students are educated in wholesome classrooms and trained in excellent clinical settings; they fare amongst the best in Saudi Selection Exams. Our graduates are accepted in outstanding residency programs at renowned national and international hospitals.Guided by its Vision, Mission and Values, QUCOM is poised to respond to the changing health care needs and expectations of the community through high quality, student-centered and community-oriented education supported by applied research, evidence-based health services and collaboration with national and international.

Professor Hani Al-Shobaili MD , MHPE
Dean, College Of Medicine
Head, Dermatology Department
Qassim University
P.O. Box 5578
Unaizah 51911
Fax : + 966 6 380 1228
Saudi Arabia