Vice Dean Girls Affairs

The girls vice deanship is an integral part of the College, it supervises all  educational, research, administrative and financial processes in female students’ section. Dr.Ebtehal Solaiman Almogbel is the current vice dean. she is an active, enthusiastic and dynamic person that works to ensure that girls have equal opportunities with boys side, at many times they actually excel their peers and perform better academically or in extracurricular activities.


  1. Supervise all educational, research and  administrative  female students’ section.
  2. Facilitate the implementation of the strategic plan of the college.
  3. Implement and follow up the decisions of the Dean and the college Council.
  4. Supervise the academic advising system of students.
  5. Supervise and follow up the students’ extracurricular activities.


Dr.Ebtehal Solaiman Almogbel

Vice Dean of Girls Affairs 

Tel: 0163800050  Ext: 6032