• Dean's Message

    Dean's Message

    Established in 2000-2001, Qassim University College of Medicine (QUCOM) has become, in a period of just 14 years, a leading institution of medical education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) as well as the Gulf region. This remarkable achievement has been made possible by QUCOM’s deep and genuine commitment to fostering knowledge, humane healing and a healthy community through innovative modern medical education and state of the art facilities. Read More
  • Community services

    Community services

    The college of medicine is community aware and offers lots of campaigns, activities, lectures and participates regularly in all community services offered in the region Read More
  • Progress Testing

    Progress Testing

             Since its inception in 2000-2001, providing quality medical education has been a prime interest of Qassim University College of Medicine. The college has recently introduced progress testing as a tool for further enhancing and monitoring the educational process.   Read More
  • SIMEC 2014

    SIMEC 2014

    The Saudi International Medical Education Conference is the foremost medical education conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It hosts the largest biannual gathering of medical educators in the country. SIMEC 2014 is the forth conference held in this series. Many health professionals and researchers in the fields of medical and health sciences education; public health; and basic, clinical and social sciences participate in this international gathering. Read More
  • E-learning


    The e-learning unit has been launched with student paced and centered learning in mind, since the very first moments our goals and steps were for the sake of students. Our work has resulted in improved learning experience, more productive communications between staff and students. With emphasis on interaction between students, their peers, and their tutors. The success of the e-learning has been a model for many colleges around the kingdom Read More
  • Graduates


    Our excellent undergraduate academic programs leave graduates well prepared for their personaland professional lives and with a continuing ability and desire to learn. Integrated interdisciplinary learning is a hallmark.The medical graduates of modern scientific medicine shall endeavor to become capable of functioning independently in both rural and urban environment. Read More
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